Ad Gefrin, Flýte, Whisky Cream Liqueur

Ad Gefrin, Flýte, Whisky Cream Liqueur

Size 70cl
ABV 17.0%
Region Northumberland
Brand Ad Gefrin

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Whisky Cream Liqueur made with Tácnbora

Flýte marries our Standard-Bearer Tácnbora Blended Whisky with rich double cream.

Fit for any feasting table, it abounds with scents of vanilla and notes of cacao, toffee, and salted caramel. 

Made for sharing and enjoying together.




17% vol.

Flýte (Old English) (c.)

(1) Old English Cream.

(2) From the Old English verb Flýtan, a ritual poetic exchange of boasts.  In Anglo-Saxon England this would be in the feasting hall, where the winner, and guests, would drink to their victory.